Welcome To The Memory & Aging Clinic!

In November of 2013, the Memory and Aging Clinic opened at UI Health. We are located in the UIH Outpatient Care Center at 1801 West Taylor Street and the team is directed by Dr. Laura Pedelty of Neurology. The Memory and Aging Clinic provides a team approach to caring for patients with atypical or complicated memory and other cognitive disorders due to stroke, all forms of dementia including Alzheimer’s disease, as well as other medical and neurological conditions.


The Memory and Aging Clinic is staffed by a multidisciplinary team of dedicated and highly trained neuropsychiatrists/behavioral neurologists, neuropsychologists and social workers, with access to the newest and best clinical and research tools available to evaluate and treat complex cases of memory loss and dementia. The team works closely with allied specialists in Neuroradiology, Sleep Medicine, Geriatrics, and Pharmacy.


Our primary focus, meeting the complex needs of patients and their families, is accomplished by providing cooperative teamwork with true multi-specialty integration. We provide an unhurried, comprehensive examination, allowing time to discuss and evaluate all issues of health and well-being with the patient and their family. Once all necessary evaluations are conducted, our team discusses the direction of the patient’s care together and provides immediate feedback to the family on a course of action.


We are committed to helping our patients live well with memory loss. To learn more about the Memory and Aging clinic, or to request a consultation, contact Veronica Lopez at 312-996-2240.