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Dr Fernando Testai, MD, PhD, FAHA, FAAN

Professor of Neurology University of Illinois at ChicagoDepartment of Neurology and Rehabilitation
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Biographical Info

Vascular Neurology Section Head
Department of Neurology and Rehabilitation Associate Head
University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine

Stroke Program Medical Director
Comprehensive Stroke Center
University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System

Dr. Testai currently serves as the Director of Vascular Neurology here in the UIC Department of Neurology & Rehabilitation and has significant experience in both basic and translational neuroscience research. He is actively involved in the evaluation and management of patients with cerebrovascular disease, both ischemic and hemorrhagic, and leads several clinical research projects.


Dr. Testai earned his degree in biochemistry from the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry and his medical degree from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Buenos Aires. He did his doctoral thesis in the area of neurochemistry and obtained his PhD in 2000. He completed a post-doc in the area of apoptosis at the University of Chicago. He also did his residency in neurology at the University of Chicago, where he served as chief resident. Dr. Testai completed his fellowship in vascular neurology at the University of Illinois at Chicago under the supervision of Dr. Ruland and Dr. Gorelick in 2008.


Clinical Specialties:


Research Interests:


Dr. Testai’s research interest lays on the identification of new pathogenic processes leading to brain damage after stroke with the goal of developing new stroke therapies.

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