Basic Science Articles

Selected basic science articles are depicted here, please see the publication details of the individual faculty members in the Faculty section.

Kenneth Elkin, Steven Daveluy, Kamran Mohammad Avanaki, Hidradenitis suppurativa: Current understanding, diagnostic and surgical challenges, and developments in ultrasound application. Skin Res Technol, 26(1):11-19, 2020

Rayyan Manwar, Xin Li, Sadreddin Mahmoodkalayeh, Eishi Asano, Dongxiao Zhu, Kamran Avanaki, Deep learning protocol for improved photoacoustic brain imaging, J Biophotonics, 13(10):e202000212, 2020

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Monica Hessler, Elmira Jalilian, Qiuyun Xu, Shriya Reddy, Luke Horton, Kenneth Elkin, Rayyan Manwar, Maria Tsoukas, Darius Mehregan, Kamran Avanaki  Melanoma Biomarkers and Their Potential Application for In Vivo Diagnostic Imaging Modalities, Int J Mol Sci, 21(24):9583, 2020

Kenneth Elkin, Steven Daveluy, Kamran Avanaki, Review of imaging technologies used in Hidradenitis Suppurativa. Skin Res Technol, 26(1):3-10, 2020

Afreen Fatima, Karl Kratkiewicz, Rayyan Manwar, Mohsin Zafar, Ruiying Zhang, Bin Huang, Neda Dadashzadeh, Jun Xia, Kamran Mohammad Avanaki, Review of cost reduction methods in photoacoustic computed tomography. Photoacoustics  15:100137, 2019

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