The WYSIWYG Editor

This is the default editor for WordPress, you may switch between the WordPress WYSIWYG and the Fusion Builder by clicking the large blue button in the upper left. Even if you opt for the Fusion Builder, it is necessary to be familiar with this editor because it is used as the input method for several tools. The editor works similar to any word processing software such as Microsoft Word.

At the top right of there is a “Visual” and “Text”.

  • The “Visual” tab works as a WYSIWIG editor, and shows you (roughly) what the elements on the page will look like. To see exactly what the page will look like, use the Preview Changes button in the Publish menu.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Text will display as Times New Roman in the text editor – this does not reflect what font will show up on the actual web page. Your text will automatically be styled according to the College’s standards.
  • The “Text” tab allows you to type HTML & CSS code. This tab should also be used to insert shortcodes (see “General Terminology” section for details.)