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Research Grants

Discover the latest achievements and research endeavors with information on recent grants in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics at the University of Illinois College of Medicine.


  • Benevolenskaya: Developing inhibitor combinations through identification of drug tolerant cell populations. (PI/NIH R21/24-26)
  • Jun: Coordinated matricellular regulation of intestinal injury repair and regeneration. (PI/NIH R01/24-28)
  • Frolov: Control of cell proliferation and differentiation by growth pathways. (PI/NIH R35/24-29)
  • Chakraborty (Rehman lab): Environmental disruption of inflammatory responses in the lung vascular endothelium (AHA’s Second Century Early Faculty Independence Award/24-27)


  • Chronis: Reprogramming Gene Regulatory Networks to a Hematopoietic Stem Cell State. (PI/NIH R01/23-27)
  • Hay: PI3K/PTEN/Akt signaling and the genesis of cancer. (PI/NIH R01/23-28)
  • Lavie: Expanding the efficacy of asparaginase to solid tumors (PI/VA I01/ 23-27)


  • Benevolenskaya: Why Do Some Cancer Cells Persist Despite Treatment for EGFR Lung Cancer? (PI/American Lung Assoc/22-24)
  • Rehman+Chronis: The Lung Endothelium as an Instructive Niche for the Innate Immune System during Vascular Injury. (NIH P01/22-27)
  • Nakamura: Regulation of Telomere Maintenance in Fission Yeast. (PI/NIH R01/22-26)
  • Rehman: iPSC-Derived Vascularized Human Lung Organoids and Interaction Between Lung Endothelial Cells and Alveolar Epithelial Cells. (co-PI/NIH R01/22-26)
  • Rehman: Mechanisms and Treatment of SARS-CoV-2 induced Lung Endothelial Injury. (co-PI/NIH R01/22-26)
  • Rehman: Optogenetic Control of Tumor Initiation and Tumor Progression in vivo. (co-PI/NIH R33/22-25)
  • Segev: Aberrant P-bodies accumulation and clearance in yeast and human cells. (PI/NIH R21/22-23)


  • Hay: Hexokinase 2 and cancer therapy. (PI/NIH R01/21-26)
  • Segev: Coordination of intracellular trafficking pathways by Ypt/Rab GTPases and their GEFs. (PI/NIH MIRA/21-26)
  • Rehman: Endothelial Instruction of Macrophage Fate in Inflammatory Lung Injury. (PL/NIH P01/21-26)
  • Rehman: Fostering Academic Physician-Investigators Treating High Risk Populations. (co-PI/NIH R38/21-25)
  • Merrill+Rehman: RECODE: Synergistic Genetic and Microenvironmental Engineering Platforms For Directed Liver Organoid Differentiation. (co-PIs/NSF/21-25)
  • Rehman: Amplification Mechanisms of Lung Endothelial Inflammation During Acute Lung Injury. (co-PI/NIH R01/21-24)
  • Merrill: Harnessing multiplexed Cas9 genome editing for sequential genetic manipulations and recording activities in cell lineages. (PI/NIH R01/21-24)


  • Kuchay: Proteostasis at cellular membranes. (PI/NIH ESI-MIRA/20-25)


  • Raychaudhuri: Repression function of FoxM1 in metastasis. (PI/NIH R01/19-24)
  • Hay: The Role of Akt in Cell Survival and Cell Growth. (PI/NIH R01/19-24)
  • Frolov: Control of cell proliferation and differentiation by the Retinoblastoma tumor suppressor pathway. (PI/NIH MIRA/19-24)
  • Rehman: Nanoparticle Targeting of Neutrophil Subpopulations in Inflammatory Lung Injury. (co-PI/NIH R01/19-23)
  • Merrill: Development of CLADE: Cell Lineage Annotating DNA Elements. (PI/NIH R21/19-21)