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Student Assistantships

Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology offers student assistantships to every student

Doctoral Graduate students accepted with full status into the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology are guaranteed financial aid in the form of a research assistantship. The assistantship carries with it a tuition and service fee waiver.

Your first stipend check Heading link

If you have been granted an assistantship there are a number of important steps to complete to ensure timely processing and receipt of your first stipend check.

  1. You will receive a formal letter of offer from the unit (usually your academic program) that is attempting to hire you. After you have accepted and returned the formal letter of offer for the assistantship, the unit that is hiring you will complete the necessary information in the university database.
  2. This will trigger an email to you with logon and other information for an online system called NESSIE. In NESSIE, you will need to complete the HR Application and Payroll information (demographic, educational, and bank deposit information).
  3. After that is completed in NESSIE, you will be instructed by your hiring unit to complete a Statement of a Drug-Free Workplace and I-9 forms, which you submit to the hiring unit. The I-9 form is viewable in NESSIE and includes a list of acceptable official identification you will need to bring in with the completed forms.

For international students

For international students on a visa, the hiring unit will send appropriate information to the Office of International Services to initiate an Employee Clearance form.

The processing for international students on a visa allows less flexibility in regards to the start date, so it is important to complete the necessary steps in a timely fashion.

What to expect next

It is only after all these stages have been successfully completed that your appointment becomes official and allows you to begin your duties and receive the monthly stipend, which is paid on the 16th of each month.

Tuition waver

Contact your unit to find out exactly which parts of the tuition and fees are waived and which are not.

If the appointment comes with a tuition waiver, it is also only at this stage that the waiver is available to be applied to your account. This is assuming you have also correctly registered for the total hours required to receive the waiver.

Late or delayed processing

If the appointment for the assistantship is offered or processed late, or any of the steps outlined above are delayed, there is a possibility of missing your first monthly stipend check. Although you will receive an adjusted payment a month later (assuming the beginning date is properly processed and assuming you worked for that period), not having the first check can cause financial issues you did not anticipate. Therefore, if you do not receive timely responses you should always contact the hiring unit to ensure procedures have not been overlooked. See the Graduate College website for additional assistantship information.

Assistantship Duties and Expectations Heading link

The research assistant should concentrate on course and lab work. They cannot accept part-time work outside the department. Graduate students receiving stipends from the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology must be full-time students (complete >12 hrs/semester) and spend 100% of their effort on activities related to and approved by the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology. Such activities do not include laboratory or library assistance for the Thesis Advisor that is not directly associated with the student’s approved research program.