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Photo of Xie, Karen

Karen Xie, DO

Associate Professor, Program Director, Diagnostic Radiology Residency, Associate Head of Education

Department of Radiology



1740 W Taylor St, (MC 931) Chicago IL 60612

Office Phone:

(312) 996– 0235


Specialty: MRI, Body Imaging, Breast Imaging

Board Certificate: The American Board of Diagnostic Radiology

Residency: University of Illinois Medical Center Diagnostic Radiology, Chicago, IL

Fellowship: University of Illinois Medical Center – MRI, Chicago, IL

Languages: English, Mandarin

Clinical and Academic Interests: MRI, Body Imaging, Breast Imaging

Selected Publications

  • Lin, K., Chandar, N.: Estrogen Related Effects on Tumor Suppressor Gene P53 in Breast and Bone. 105th Annual American Osteopathic Association Convention and Scientific Seminar, 2000
  • Lin, K., Pavel, D.G., Saxena P., Ibanez, V.: Optimization of the Image Display for Sequential Brain SPECT Studies Using Public Domain Software – Automated Image Registration. European Association of Nuclear Medicine, 1999
  • Laatsch L., Pavel D., Jobe T., Lin K., Quintana J.C.: Incorporation of SPECT Imaging in a Longitudinal Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy Program. Brain Inj., Aug. 1999;13(8):555-70.
  • Pavel,D., Jobe,T., Saxena,P., Sanne,P., Lin K. and Quintana,J.: Evaluation of Paroxysmal Psychiatric Episodes with Brain SPECT and Statistical Parametric Mapping.Radiology, 1998;209 (P):482.
  • Lin, K., Pavel, D.G., Saxena P., Ibanez, V.: Comparison of Two Automated Image Registration Program for Brain SPECT Evaluation. Radiological Society of North America, 84th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting, 1998
  • Sychra, J.J., Lin, K., Blend, M.J.: The Detection of Metastatic Prostate Cancer with Simultaneous Dual Isotope SPECT Images. Radiological Society of North America Electronic Journal, 1997
  • De Leon, O.A., Blend, M.J., Lin, K., Jobe, T.H., Sychra, J.J., Gaviria, M.: Uso del SPECT en la Investigacion de un Caso de Epilepsia Musicogenia. Revista Medica de Panama, 1997
  • Laatsch, L., Jobe, T.H., Sychra, J.J., Lin, K., Blend, M.J.: Impact of Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy on SPECT and Neuropsychological Impairments: A Longitudinal Study. Brain Injury, 1997;11(12):851-63
  • Jobe, T.M., Blend, M.J., Sychra, J.J., Beristain, X., Lin, K., Dujovney, M., Gaviria, M.: Correlation of the Executive (EXIT) and Cerebral Perfusion SPECT Image Findings in the Assessment of Frontal Lobe Functions in Post surgical Aneurysm Patients. J. of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences, 1997
  • Blend, M.J., De Leon O.A., Jobe, T.H., Lin, K., Gaviria, M.: Cerebral Perfusion SPECT Imaging in Epileptic and Nonepileptic Seizures. Clinical Nuclear Medicine, June, 1997;22(6):363-8
  • Sychra, J.J., Lin K., Jobe, T.H., Blend, M.J.: The Accuracy of SPECT Brain rCBF Images, Part 2: A Comparison of the Activity Normalization Methods. Medical Physics, 1996
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