Malek G. Massad, MD, FACS
Malek G. Massad, MD, FACSSara Smart Mansueto Professor in Cardiothoracic Surgery
Professor and Chief


At the University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System our Cardiothoracic Surgery multidisciplinary team is dedicated to guide and assist each individual patient to ensure a successful outcome.

The University of Illinois Hospital Cardiothoracic Surgery team provides an innovative approach to cardiac and thoracic diseases. Whether a prospective resident or patient, we are pleased you are interested in finding out more about our program.


  • World first experimental Esophagostomy, Karl Beck and Alexis Carrel, 1904
  • Illinois first pneumonectomy, Willard Van Hazel, 1947
  • Precursor of the bubble oxygenator (used in heart lung machines), Banning Gray Lary, 1951
  • Aortic Replacement with stainless steel mesh, Banning Gray Lary, 1956
  • World first Sternotomy for open heart surgery, Ormond Julian, 1957
  • World first Autologous blood transfusion, Hiram T. Langsten, 1963
  • UIC first heart transplant, Levitsky/Silverman, 1985
  • UIC first heart lung transplant, Windsor Tang, 1988
  • UIC first bridge to transplant on HeartMate LVAD, Mark Slaughter, 1995
  • UIC first lung transplant, James Houk, 1995
  • World first combined CABG/liver transplant, Malek Massad/Enrico Benedetti, 1998
  • UIC first lung re-transplant in a heart lung transplant recipient, Malek Massad, 1999
  • UIC first off pump beating heart CABG, Malek Massad, 1999
  • UIC first heart-kidney transplant, Malek Massad/Enrico Benedetti, 2000
  • Illinois First Robotic esophagectomy, Santiago Horgan, 2002
  • UIC first thoracic aortic endograft stent, Henrik Baranewski/Malek Massad, 2005
  • World first UniRing for mitral valve repair, Malek Massad, 2007
  • Illinois First robotic lobectomy, Pier Giulianotti, 2007
  • Illinois First robotic thymectomy, Pier Giulianotti, 2008
  • Midwest First NeuRx Diaphragm Pacing System for Amytrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Khaled Abdelhady and Malek G. Massad, 2012

New Advances

Robotic Surgery Approach to Mysthenia Gravis

Robotic Assisted for Lung Cancer