The Intestinal Rehabilitation and Transplant Center

Medicare-Certified Intestinal Transplant Center

Intestinal RehabilitationThe Intestinal Rehabilitation and Transplantation Program at UI Health specializes in diagnosing and treating malabsorption disorders, short bowel syndrome, and intestinal failure.

The Intestinal Rehabilitation and Transplant Center at the University of Illinois Hospital is prominently recognized as one of only a handful of comprehensive intestinal rehabilitation and transplant centers in the western hemisphere. Our physicians are on the forefront of establishing the standard of care for patients with intestinal failure, and patients that may require intestinal transplant.

The Intestinal Rehabilitation and Transplant Center optimizes existing clinical strategies, while developing new approaches through clinical and basic scientific research. Our multidisciplinary, integrated approach combines; medical (including hormonal therapy), surgical (including gut-lengthening/tapering procedures), lifestyle and nutritional strategies to reduce or eliminate PN dependency and specific instruction on proper catheter care.

Non-Transplant Intestinal Surgery Offered to Improve Intestinal Absorption

  • Serial Transverse Enteroplasty (STEP)
  • Surgical management of complex fistula disease

Transplant Surgery Offered

  • Isolated intestinal transplant (For patients with intestinal and no or limited/reversible liver disease.)
  • Combined liver-intestine transplant (For patients with intestinal and irreversible PN-induced liver disease.)

Telemedicine appointments are available through Doximity

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We are able to serve both new and current patients via video or phone calls; evening and weekend appointments may be available.

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