Medical Center Receives Bariatric Surgery Center Accreditation, 8/25/2011

UIC Surgeons Offer Obese Kidney Patients New Hope with Robotic Transplantation, 12/15/2010

High School Students Win Internships at UIC Diabetes Project, 07/01/2010

Robotic Kidney Transplantation New Option for Obese Patients. 06/14/2010

Two Good Samaritans, Three Life-saving Kidney Transplants, 03/31/2010

UIC Surgeon Hosts Worldwide Robotic Surgical Conference in Chicago, 10/07/2009

UIC Achieves Best Abdominal Transplantation Survival Rates in Chicago, 07/22/2009

Surgical Technique Benefits High Risk Kidney Transplant Patients, 06/12/2009

UIC Hosts Surgical Robotics ‘Science Conversations’ May 21, 05/18/2009

Thyroid Surgery Performed Without Neck Incision, Scar, 02/19/2009

Former Head of Surgery Dr. Lloyd M. Nyhus, 1923-2008, 12/12/2008

Robotic-Assisted Neck Surgery Spares Incision, Scar, 10/31/2008

UIC in NIH-Funded Islet Transplantation Study for Type 1 Diabetes, 07/08/2008

Promising Advances in Islet Cell Transplants for Diabetes, 06/09/2008

UIC Team Performs World’s First Robotic Liver Transplant, 04/15/2008

A World Leader in Living Donor Organ Transplantation is Overcoming Obstacles to Save More Lives,  April 2008

Fort Worth Man Receives Life-Saving Surgery at UIC, 02/20/2008

Surgeons Remove Large Tumor, Transplant Bowel Back into Patient, 01/18/2008

Surgeons remove 11-pound desmoid tumor, transplant bowel back into patient, January 21, 2008

Tellabs Foundation Funds Islet Cell Research at UIC, 12/19/2007

Kidney Donor Evaluation Detects Aneurysm, 12/18/2007

New Way to Screen for Promising Anti-Cancer Agents, 11/09/2007

Medical Center Named a Blue Distinction Center for Transplants, 10/08/2007

Surgeons Spare Lung Cancer Patients from Open Chest Surgery, 10/03/2007

First Fully Robotic Whipple Surgery in Midwest Performed at Medical Center, 09/14/2007

First-Ever Robotic Pancreatectomy Combined with Auto-Islet Transplant, 05/31/2007

Internationally Renowned Robotic Surgeon Joins UIC, 05/03/2007

Foundation Donates $1 Million for Chicago Project on Diabetes, 03/15/2007UIC Named NIH Islet Cell Resource Center, 12/19/2006

Dr. Olga Jonasson, 1934-2006, 09/01/2006

International Conference Highlights Living-Donor Transplantation, 05/31/2006

UIC Surgeons Perform Illinois’ First Living Donor Kidney Swap, 02/23/2006

Boy with Rare Swallowing Disorder Has Robotic Surgery at UIC, 01/24/2006

UIC Surgeons First to Use Robot for Living-Donor Kidney-Pancreas Transplant, 01/16/2006

Delaying Surgery for Hernia Repair a Safe Option, 01/12/2006

Chicago Gospel Singer Donates Kidney to Sister, 05/31/2005

Procedure May Save Patients from Developing Diabetes, 05/23/2005

Medical Center Performs First Robotic Complex Liver Surgery, 04/08/2005

UIC Offers New Weight Loss Surgery for Obese Teens, 02/22/2005

UIC Surgeon Performs Experimental Islet Cell Transplant to Cure Diabetes, 01/12/2005

Boy Who Received Unique Transplant Goes Home for Holidays, 12/06/2004

Olympic Medallist and Transplant Survivor Chris Klug Visits Medical Center, 08/24/2004

Sisters Share Special Bond After Rare Living-donor Transplant, 04/19/2004

Sisters Share Special Bond After Rare Living-donor Transplant, April 21, 2004

UIC Patients Benefit from Blood Type-incompatible Donor Transplantation, 02/11/2004

Transplant Recipient Thriving One Year After Life-Saving Surgery, 10/13/2003

Mother Gives Son ‘Second Chance’ in Rare Living-donor Transplant, 11/18/2002