Department of Radiology Research

Focusing on advanced MRI techniques, innovative biological models, and novel therapeutic interventions, the mission of the University of Illinois at Chicago Department of Radiology is to support a culture of cutting-edge biomedical imaging research in an effort to advance medical care locally, regionally, and nationally. Leveraging our state-of-the-art imaging capabilities, modern laboratory and animal facilities, and multidisciplinary cross-functional team of investigators, the Department of Radiology has a solid track record for extramural funding, academic productivity, and mentorship, and offers an enriching scholarship environment for both faculty and trainees.


Post-Doctoral Associates
Lobna Elkhadragy Ph.D.
Mehran Shaghaghi Ph.D.

Research Associates
Maximillian Carlino M.S.
Shovick Patel B.S.
William M. Totura B.S.

Graduate Students
Alessandro M. Scotti – Ph.D., Biomedical Engineering
Russell O. Simpson – M.S., Clinical and Translational Science
Yifan Wang – M.S., Clinical and Translational Science

Research Staff
Regina Schwind B.S., Research Specialist
Leticia Flores, Grants and Contracts Coordinator