Cochlear Implants

The program is equally composed of pediatric and adult patients

UIC has the largest program in Chicago that serves pediatric and adult patients
What makes the UIC Cochlear Implant Program unique?

Comprehensive cochlear implant team consisting of: neurotologist, speech
language pathologist, psychologist, and two cochlear implant audiologists,
deaf educator

Extensive patient follow up, including coordination of aural rehabilitation and
speech therapy services

A strong working relationship with Chicago Public
School system audiologists

Annual school visits and inservices offered to
teachers of implanted students

My Cochlear Implant experience book was developed
at UIC and has proven valuable for counseling young patients

Bi-monthly newsletter to patients featuring UIC
patient profiles and information about
cochlear implants

Home to the Illinois Pediatric Cochlear Implant Support Group, which hosts
implanted children from the Chicagoland area at two social events each
year and provides support to their families

Videotape archive of UIC patient interviews (Spanish and English) for
prospective patient counseling purposes