Peer-Reviewed Presentations 2002

Schwartz, A. & Hasnain, M. Risk Perception and Risk Attitude in Informed Consent. Annual Meeting of Society for Judgement and Decision Making; Kansas City, MO. November 2002


Grief, S.N. Pediatric Obesity: A Family Affair. Annual Canadian College of Family Physicians Conference; Montreal, Canada. November 2002.


Grief, S.N. Pediatric Obesity: A Family Affair. National Conference of Family Practice Residents and Medical Students. July 31, 2002


Hasnain, M., Mensah, E.K., Levy, J.A., & Sinacore, J.M. Social Capitol as a Predictor of HIV/AIDS Risk Behaviors. XIV International Aids Conference; Barcelona, Spain. July 2002.


Olthoff, A., Connell, K.J., Sinacore, J.M., & Hasnain, M. Using Data from Handheld Computers to Assess the Effectiveness of Clerkship Education. 28th Annual Predoctoral Education Conference of Society of Teacher of Family Medicine; Tampa, FL. February 2002

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