2007 Invited Presentations

Devens, M. Balint Leadership Training Intensive. Jointly sponsored by the American Balint Society, Family Medicine Residency Program Sutter Medical Center of Santa Rosa, and Sonoma County Academic Foundation for Excellence in Medicine; Santa Rosa, CA. March 15-18, 2007.


Gecht-Silver, M.R. Arthritis and Exercise. Arthritis Support Group, Orland Park, Chicago, IL. June 4, 2007.


Godfrey, E.M. Cases in Contraception. Department of Family Medicine, UIC-Rockford, Grand Rounds; Rockford, IL. September 2007.


Godfrey, E.M., & Patel A. Intrauterine Device Skills Seminar. For Region V Title X Clinicians; South Bend, IN. June 14-15,2007.


Godfrey, E.M., & Forcier M. Management of Early Pregnancy Failure in the Outpatient or Emergency Department Setting. Association of Reproductive Health Professionals Webinar Series. April 11, 2007 & June 6, 2007.


Godfrey, E.M. Psychosocial Issues in Abortion Care Workshop, Fellowship in Family Planning; San Francisco, CA. February 17-18, 2007.


Hasnain, M. The Asian Community and Health Disparities. In: Bridging Health Disparities- Help Starts Here. 2007 Biennial Conference, National Association of Social Workers; Chicago, IL. September 24, 2007.


Hasnain, M. Transforming Academic Responsibilities into Scholarship for Promotion and Tenure. MHPE 501: Scholarship in Health Professions Education. UIC Department of Medical Education; Chicago, IL. August 14, 2007.


Hyderi, A.A. Midwest AIDS Training and Education Center (MATEC) Physician Assistant Core Seminar. Malcolm X College; Chicago, IL. December 2007.


Hyderi, A.A. Mental Health Issues for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Patients. University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine American Medical Student Association LGBT Week Keynote Address; Chicago, IL October 10, 2007.


Hyderi, A.A. I’m Just a Bill…But I Want to be a Law: The Primary Care Physician as Advocate. Northwestern University Internal Medicine Residency Program; Chicago, IL. October 3, 2007.


Hyderi, A.A. HIV Disease: New Findings and Implications for Clinical Practice. Decatur Hospital; Decatur, IL. June 20, 2007.


Hyderi, A.A. Sensitivity to your LGBT patients and colleagues. UIC Emergency Department didactic series; Chicago, IL. June 2007.



Hyderi AA. The Primary Care Physician as Advocate. University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine American Medical Student Association Primary Care Week Keynote Address; Chicago, IL. October 3, 2007.


Hyderi, A.A. Sensitivity to your LGBT Patients and Colleagues. UIC Emergency Department Didactic Series; Chicago, IL. June 6, 2007.


Hyderi, A.A. Adolescent sexually transmitted infections: Epidemiology, counseling, and treatment strategies. Christ Hospital Pediatrics Department; Chicago, IL. April 2007.


Hyderi, A.A. Finding the undiagnosed patient: Making the case for integrating HIV testing into your regular practice. Midwest AIDS Training and Education Center (MATEC) Symposium; Chicago, IL. April 2007.


Hyderi, A.A. From Healthcare Provider to Teen: What you Need to Know about Sex. South Shore High School, Chicago, IL. February 2007.


Orgain, J.C. Quality End of Life Care. APPEAL: a Progressive Palliative Care Educational Curriculum for the Care of African Americans at Life’s End. National Medical Association Annual Convention and Scientific Assembly; Honolulu, HI. August 4, 2007.


Orgain, J.C. State Health Improvement Plan. IAFP’s 5th Annual Spring into Action Meeting; Springfield, IL. March 6, 2007.


Potter, M.C. CORE Series Curriculum for Residency Training. Loma Linda Medical School; Loma Linda, CA. February 21, 2007.


Tranmer, P.A. Panel Member. How Chapter Leaders and AAFP Can Partner to Address Chapter Priorities. 2007 Annual Leadership Forum, American Academy of Family Physicians; Kansas City, MO. May 4, 2007.

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