2006 Invited Presentations

Devens, M., Vlasses, C., Mehta, S., & Dykens, J.A. Stress Management: The Mind-Body Connection. University of Illinois at Chicago Lunchtime Lecture Series; Chicago, IL. November 7, 2006.


Devens, M., & Grief, S.N. Dual Disease Management of Obesity and Psychiatric Conditions. Grand Rounds, Chicago Read Mental Health Center; Chicago, IL. May 25, 2006.


Duperval, T. Perinatal Maternal Depression Screening and Referral, EDOPC presentations. Family Medicine Residency program at Jackson Park Hospital, Chicago, IL, March 23, 2006.


Gecht-Silver, M.R., Hyderi, A.A., Braun, C., & Valaski, M. Using HIV+ Patient Instructors to Teach Sexual Health and Substance Use History Taking to 2nd Year Medical Students. 4th Annual Clinical Skills Education and Assessment-Chicago Style Conference; Chicago, IL. June 21, 2006.


Godfrey, E.M. Medical Abortion from a Public Health Perspective. Northwestern University Medical Students for Choice and American Medical Student Association Health Awareness Week. October 25, 2006.


Godfrey, E.M., & Forcier, M. Options for Managing Early Pregnancy Loss: Focus on Manual Vacuum Aspiration. Association of Reproductive Health Professionals National Conference; La Jolla, CA. September 6-9, 2006.


Godfrey, E.M. Update on Intrauterine Contraception. Rush University; Chicago, IL. May 31, 2006.


Godfrey, E.M. Networking among Fellows. Family Planning Fellow National Meeting; Washington, D.C. May 7, 2006.


Godfrey, E.M. Menstrual Cycle Suppression and Flexible Contraceptive Options. UIC Grand Rounds, Department of OB/GYN; Chicago, IL. May 2, 2006.


Godfrey, E.M., & Gold, M. Manual Vacuum Aspiration: Lecture and Hands-on Workshop. Planned Parenthood Federation of America, National Spring Conference; Philadelphia, PA, February 21, 2006.


Godfrey, E.M., Anderson, A., Fielding, S., & Creinin M. Utility of the low and high urine sensitivity test as determinates for medical abortion completion. Academy for Excellence in Teaching wit UIC College of Medicine Student Research Forum; Chicago, IL. February 1, 2006.


Grief, S.N., & Devens, M. Dual Disease Management of Obesity and Psychiatric Conditions. Grand Rounds, Madden Mental Health Center; Chicago, IL. May 26, 2006.


Grief, S.N. Homocysteine at the Crossroads: Vitamins & Disease Prevention. South Dakota Academy of Family Physicians. Black Hills Winter Ski Seminar; Spearfish, SD. February 3, 2006.


Hasnain, M. Cultural Competency for Diverse Populations: Dietary considerations for Muslims. HN 302: Food and Culture at UIC College of Allied Health Sciences; Chicago, IL. October 3, 2006.


Hasnain, M.  Reproductive Health Care and Muslim Women: Breaking Down Barriers. Association of Reproductive Health Professionals National Conference; La Jolla, CA. September 6-9, 2006.


Hasnain, M., & Kondratowicz, D.M. Taking Stock of UIC Family Medicine’s Contributions to Cultural Competency Training. Chicago Cultural Competency Collaborative, Institute of Medicine; Chicago, IL. August 24, 2006.


Hasnain, M. Venturing across Boundaries to provide Patient-centered Care to Diverse Populations. In: Beyond Sensitivity and Tolerance: Building Culturally Competent Organizations. Women’s Health Executives Network (WHEN) Meeting; Chicago, IL. July 11, 2006.


Hasnain, M., & Kondratowicz, D.M. Training Culturally Responsive Physicians: Integrating a Patient-centered Curriculum into Medical Education. American Medical Student Association Foundation (AMSA) Annual ADDM Pilot School Meeting; Ann Arbor, MI. June 15, 2006.


Hasnain, M. Overlooked Health Disparities: Venturing Across Boundaries to Provide Patient-centered Care to Muslim Women. Only Connect: Networking for Health Globally and Locally. Annual Meeting of the Illinois Public Health Association; Springfield, IL. April 25, 2006.


Hasnain, M., Levy, J.A., Sinacore, J.M., & Mensah, E.K. Human Capital and HIV Risk in Injection Drug Users. Academy for Excellence in Teaching in conjunction with College of Medicine Student Research Forum; Chicago, IL. February 1, 2006.


Hyderi, A.A. Course director and panel member for a session on “Global HIV/AIDS” for the Chicago Medical Society’s Annual Midwest Clinical Conference; Chicago, IL. March 22, 2006.


Hyderi, A.A. Served on a panel of health professionals who evaluated public health and patient education presentations by the New Life Volunteering Society, UIC Chapter; Chicago, IL. February 2, 2006.


Hyderi, A.A. Midwest AIDS Training and Education Center (MATEC) Physician Assistant Core Seminar; Chicago, IL. December 2006.


Hyderi, A.A. The Primary Care Physician as Advocate for Adolescent Reproductive Health. UIC AMSA Primary Care Week; Chicago, IL. November 2006.


Kondratowicz, D.M. Cultural Competency in the Context of Nutritional and Dietary Care. HN 302: Food and Culture at UIC College of Allied Health Sciences; Chicago, IL. September 19, 2006.


Orgain, J.C. Hospice Care at the End of Life. Annual Meeting and Scientific Assembly of the National Medical Association, Family Medicine Section. August 7, 2006.


Shah, N. Social/Emotional Development and Screening, Including Autistic Spectrum Disorders, EDOPC presentations, Jackson Park Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program; Chicago, IL. March 23, 2006.


Tranmer, P.A. Moderator: Bipolar Disease in Family Medicine. IAFP, Satellite Conference at AAFP Scientific Assembly; Washington, D.C. September 29, 2006.


Tranmer, P.A. Compassion and Communication in Medicine. UIC Society of Future Physicians; Chicago, IL. September 21, 2006.

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