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Photo of Jesse, Jordan

Jordan Jesse

Graduate Student (GEMS)

Trainee, VBST Training Program

Department of Physiology and Biophysics


Building & Room:

2168 COMRB

Advisor Heading link

Dan Shaye, PhD

VBST Trainee Heading link


Project Heading link

Mentors: Dan Shaye, PhD and Jan Kitajewski, PhD

My project uses the model organism C. elegans to study EXC-4/CLIC’s role in tubulogenesis, the process by which biological tubes are formed. Tubulogenesis is crucial during organ development and the vascular system, particularly in blood vessel formation and function. C. elegans shares significant genetic orthology with humans, thus my project aims to connect conserved regulators of both C. elegans tubulogenesis and vertebrate angiogenesis. Prior work has identified CLIC1, CLIC4, and EXC-4 as required for GPCR-Gα-Rho/Rac signaling important for endothelial morphogenetic processes and ExCa tubulogenesis. We are investigating the C-terminal domain features that confer specificity to CLIC/EXC-4’s distinct, non-overlapping roles both in C. elegans and primary endothelial cell systems. Delineation of these CLIC-mediated signaling mechanisms is necessary to fully harness therapeutic targeting of endothelial GPCR-regulated downstream effectors.