About Us:

The Hematology Laboratory performs routine hematology testing, limited coagulation, and various body fluid testing and analysis. The testing utilizes the latest technologies to provide the most accurate results. Complete blood counts (CBC) with differentials are performed with the Backman Coulter DxH series of analyzers along with its automation line.

Stago STAR instriment perform high volume but limited coagulation testing for PT, PTT, TT, fibrinogen and D-Dimers.

The Hematology Laboratory also performed body fluid analysis including:

  • Automated Urinalysis with the IRIS
  • Rapid pregnancy screening
  • Stool analyses for occult blood
  • Joint fluid analyses for crystal evaluation, cell counts, WBC differentials
  • Cell counts and WBC differentials on CNS, pleural and ascetic fluids​

Please refer to the Laboratory Users Guide for our online searchable test database and other test-related information.

Updates and changes to laboratory tests and/or laboratory practices may be viewed in our archived Lab Alerts.


Frederick Behm, MD
Phone: 312-996-3150


Magdalena Laskowski
Phone: 312-996-3987


Rasa Aleksiunas, Evening Supervisor
Phone: 312-996-0669

Mokshada Shah, Night Supervisor
Phone: 312-996-0601

Contact Information

Hours of Operation: 24 hours/day, 7 days/week
Phone:                          312-315-2533
Location:                     Room 215, 2nd Floor, Clinical Sciences Building North
Address:                      Pathology Laboratories
2nd Floor, Clinical Sciences Building
840 South Wood Street (MC 750)
Chicago, IL 60612