Transplant Pathology


The Transplant Pathologist is a fundamental member of health care providers managing kidney and liver transplant patients.  The primary role of a transplant pathologist is to interpret biopsies in context with the clinical impression, patient’s manifestations and laboratory test results. With the ultimate goal of providing optimal patient care, the transplant pathologist also ensures specimen adequacy, prime tissue processing, triaging of special studies, and the timely communication of histopathological findings.


Transplant Pathology is integral to clinical pathology sub-specialties, and services are rendered in alliance with Clinical Chemistry, Molecular Pathology, Histocompatibility and Transfusion Medicine to provide the best possible patient care.  Histochemical special stains, immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, and in situ hybridization methods compliment tissue histopathological studies.

Academic Activities and Research

Academic activities in Transplant Pathology are extended to all levels of training in pathology, medicine and transplant surgery by microscopy, clinicopathological conferences and didactic lectures, as well as through departmental and programmatic research collaborations particularly in the study of the progression of allograft fibrosis in chronic rejection.

Transplant Liver Pathology

Distinguishing acute cellular rejection and recurrent chronic hepatitis C virus infection in a liver transplant biopsy

The limiting plate in acute cellular rejection typically shows a smooth contour

The outline of the limiting plate in viral hepatitis is characteristically irregular

Transplant Renal Pathology

Features of acute antibody-mediated rejection

Peritubular capillaritis is present in acute antibody- mediated rejection
Glomerulitis is present in acute antibody- mediated rejection

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Recent News and Developments

The University of Illinois at Chicago Inaugural Transplant Day was a big success. We thank all the attendees and speakers for such a stimulating day!

Transplant Day 2015 Booklet

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