UIC provides autopsies for patients of our health system that have passed either inside or outside of our hospital. Our faculty, residents and technical staff work together in teams to provide a professional and compassionate service to families. Our autopsies are performed in a modern state-of-the-art autopsy suite.

An autopsy is a systemic examination of a deceased body to determine the cause of death and document the existence of any diseases or conditions. It is able to answer many questions posed by the family and clinicians. An autopsy is similar to a surgical procedure. Autopsies do not delay funeral arrangements or prevent open casket viewing of the body.

Within 24 hours of the autopsy we will provide a Provisional Diagnoses Report to the clinician to assist with the timely completion of the death certificate. A final autopsy report will be prepared within 30 days after review of the microscopic and other additional testing that is performed following the autopsy procedure.

​Our autopsies are only performed if there is a signed consent of the next-of-kin. Deaths that fall under specific criteria as described in Illinois law are referred to the Cook County Medical Examiner for investigation.