Post-baccalaureate Admission Program (PAP)

PAPThe UIC COM UHP Post-baccalaureate Admissions Program (PAP) provides an opportunity for an invited group of underepresented in medicine (URiM) students who have applied for admission to the College of Medicine to participate in an 11-month structured rigorous academic experience. For a flyer, click here.

The PAP is divided into three (3) structured Tiers:

  • Tier I – Fall Semester
  • Tier II – Spring Semester
  • Tier III – Summer Pre-Matriculation Program (SPP)

Each student will be evaluated at the conclusion of each Tier and eligibility to advance to the next phase will be determined. This evaluation will take into account the student’s performance and readiness throughout each Tier.  Once a PAP student has successfully met the academic and readiness requirements, the College of Medicine will extend an offer to become a member of the entering class  (i.e., those who begin the PAP program in August 2014 will matriculate to College of Medicine in August 2015 if they successfully complete the PAP program).

Out of hundreds of applicants, only fifteen students are selected to participate in PAP based on their outstanding leadership experience, long-standing commitment to service, scholarly activity, and desire to practice medicine in a medically underserved community. The goal of PAP is to build on the student’s science foundation through their emersion in basic and advanced medical science course work.  Students enroll in graduate, medical or other academically relevant courses such as Anatomy, Biochemistry and Physiology. Through the development of an Individulalized Academic Plan (IAP), students receive an comprehensive assessment of his/her existing learning approaches and skills and build academic success strategies to ensure success in coursework. PAP Alumni enter the College of Medicine with improved self-confidence and knowledge that are essential to be master scholars and leaders in medical school and beyond.

Application Process

There is no direct application to PAP.  In order to be considered for the PAP, you have to apply directly to the College of Medicine as a traditional medical school applicant, including submission of the complete AMCAS application, letters of recommendation, completion of the MCAT exam and medical school interview. The College of Medicine Admissions Committee reviews applications and considers applicants for the PAP. If the Admissions Committee believes you would benefit from the PAP you would receive and invitation to apply and compete for one of 15 seats available in the Program when you are notified of your admission status.

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