Current Medical Students

On all four sites of the University of Illinois College of Medicine (UI-COM), the College of Medicine Urban Health Program (COM-UHP) offers a variety of programs and services for students who are underrepresented in medicine (URiM) specifically African-Americans, Native Americans, Latinos/as, and those from disadvantaged backgrounds that: attract talent, provide access to medical education, support even progression and academic excellence, as well as develop leaders who will advance health equity. Therefore, regardless of the UI-COM campus to which you are assigned, you have a COM-UHP champion for your success.

COM-UHP provides comprehensive academic and enrichment programming that is designed to help medical students thrive rather than survive medical school. Theses entree of programs and services comprise of the Medical Student Development Program.

There is a Medical Student Development Program on each UI-COM campus based on the unique needs and opportunities of the respective campus.

Medical Student Development flowchart