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Sinopulmonary Conditions and COVID-19: Association, Impact and Beyond Sharmilee Nyenhuis, MD; Kamal Eldeirawi, PhD, RN; Victoria Lee, MD

Background: In the US, African Americans and Latinos are overrepresented among cases of and deaths from COVID-19.  Minority communities may be more susceptible to severe forms of COVID-19 because of existing disparities in underlying conditions. Sinopulmonary conditions (asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, obstructive sleep apnea, chronic sinusitis, and allergic rhinitis), which are exacerbated by respiratory viruses, have not been well studied in COVID-19. Objective: Examine the effect of sinopulmonary [...]

Social determinants of health associated with healthcare utilization for sinonasal conditions Farhan Salman; Victoria Lee, MD

Background: There are social disparities in morbidity and mortality for sinonasal conditions.  Identifying the contributing factors to these disparities is critical so they can be addressed. Objective: To identify if certain social determinants of health are associated with specific healthcare utilization patterns for sinonasal conditions.

Topical probiotic sinus irrigations for the treatment of recalcitrant chronic rhinosinusitis Amy De La Torre; Raktima Dasgupta, BS, MA; Omar Perez, PhD, PharmD; Victoria Lee, MD

Background: Infections in CRS may be related to a decrease in native and an increase in pathogenic bacteria.  Topical probiotics outcompete pathogenic bacteria via a variety of mechanisms, including creating suboptimal environmental conditions, competing for cell surface receptors and thus limiting pathogen adherence, and producing antibacterial metabolites.  In doing so, topical probiotics can restore the native microbiome. Objective: Assess if topical probiotic sinus irrigations can improve outcomes compared to [...]

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