UIC broke ground on its new OUTPATIENT SURGERY CENTER & SPECIALTY CLINICS BUILDING, which is scheduled to open in 2022. The new building will include six floors of patient care space, including eight operating and eight procedure rooms, 48 pre- and postsurgery bays, clinic space for Gastroenterology (GI), Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology (ENT), Transplant, and Urology, and Pharmacy Services. Construction of the building will employ approximately 500 individuals over the course of the two-year project, and approximately 30% of construction costs will be spent with local minority, women, persons with disabilities, and veteran-owned business. This new building gives UIC a better platform to address the community health needs and continue its service as a market share leader in the core 26 ZIP codes that include communities throughout the West and South sides of Chicago. It is a significant tool in UIC’s drive to address the inequities of access which are at the core of disparities in health outcomes.

Temporal Bone Laboratory

The department maintains a 15 station temporal bone laboratory in the Eye and Ear Infirmary. Each station is equipped with a Zeiss microscope, drill console, drill, suction and otologic instruments. Human temporal bones are procured from the Anatomy department of the University annually. The temporal bone laboratory is available to the residents 365 days a year

Bhatt Surgical Training Center

Located in the Eye and Ear Infirmary, the Bhatt Sinus facility includes 10 modular stations, a 108 inch video screen, a ceiling mounted Sharp projector, video (computer/DVD) and audio (CD/Bose surround sound) capabilities for lecture/instruction. Two computer stations with network access are available. The modular design of the facility offers a variety of opportunities for research and instruction (Courses held here include Head and Neck Anatomy, Endoscopic Sinus Dissection, didactic presentations, etc.)

Medrobotics Training

The Flex® Robotic System gives physicians the ability to access anatomical locations that were previously difficult or impossible to reach minimally invasively. And because it is affordable and efficient, the Flex® Robotic System allows hospitals to expand the patient population that they serve and improve the productivity of their facilities.

General Laboratory Space

Two laboratories are available and used for general research purposes. The labs are used for small animal procedures and include an Instron tensile/compressive strength testing system and equipment for non-bone and decalcified histological preparation. Dissecting and objective microscopes are available for tissue evaluation.

Biologic Resources Laboratory

The University of Illinois maintains an animal facility with surgical suites for research purposes. The facility houses a variety of animal species and includes a surgical facility with specifically trained veterinarian and veterinary technician staff to manage pre and post-operative anesthesia and analgesic needs of the animals.

3D MD three dimensional imager

This three dimensional imager is available for all facial plastic research and is an important tool for performing objective analysis of changes in facial contour. The system allows precise measurement of facial contour changes and can make comparisons preoperatively and postoperatively. The 3-D imager is actively used in many of the facial plastic research projects

Lions Library

The Lions Library maintains an extensive collection of textbooks in both Otolaryngology and Ophthalmology. A library science specialist is on staff to assist in computer searches and data sourcing. The most current journal releases applicable to Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery are available in the library and updated weekly/monthly.

Computer Search Capabilities

The departmental resident room, located just off the clinic area, includes numerous medical textbooks and training materials. Additionally, there are 5 computers with Ethernet and University Portal access. Links through the UIC website include the medical library vast array of databases and search criteria to locate both past and current journal information


Statistical consultation and support are available through the division of Biostatistics in the School of Public Health, The Design and Analysis Core of UIC’s Center for Clinical and Translational Science, and/or UIC’s Research Resource Center. Consultation and evaluation of statistical methods and data are readily available to residents, faculty, and staff