Frequently Asked Questions

The PGY-1 year of training in Neurological Surgery has become a categorical component of neurosurgical residency as of July 1, 2009. Therefore, you will not need to apply separately for PGY-1 positions. Submit your application directly to ERAS to participate in the neurosurgical matching program.

Applicants must register to ERAS to complete their applications. Applicants may select programs, but CANNOT apply to residency programs before September 1, 2015. Application deadline for the UIC Neurosurgery program is October 1, 2015.

USLME scores/transcripts, medical school transcripts, photo, 3 letters of recommendation, Dean’s letter, Curriculum Vitae, personal statement, ECFMG (IMGs). The application will not be considered complete until all documents are submitted.

We do not have a predetermined score requirement but rather look at the various aspects of a candidate’s application to get an overall perspective. Applicants with low scores are less likely to be competitive for an interview.

Completion of Step 2 for US medical student is preferred at the time of your application, but is not an absolute requirement. For IMGs completion of Step 1 and Step 2 is a requirement to obtain ECFMG certification, and therefore, must be completed prior to application.

The only visa the program is able to sponsor is the J-1 visa which is sponsored through ECFMG. If you are an IMG, you should familiarize yourself in detail with the J-1 visa, and its implications.

U.S. clinical experience is not an absolute requirement for application. However, it is considered an important component of the application for IMGs.

Yes, we are affiliated with the University of Illinois at Chicago.

A brochure describing the residency program is posted on the Residency Section of the website.

All aspects of a candidate’s application are factored in the decision to offer an interview. These include USMLE scores, medical school evaluations, letters of recommendation, research and clinical experience. Medical student advisors at your own institution can provide guidance as to the appropriateness of your application for a Neurosurgical program.