Identifying inherited risks 
and providing options for women  


The Familial Breast Cancer Clinic is geared towards patients with either a personal or family history of breast and/or ovarian cancer. Dr. Kent Hoskins, Lara Balay, MS, licensed genetic counselor, and Tara Maga, MS, PhD,  licensed genetic counselor, see patients whose personal and/or family histories may be indicative of a hereditary cancer syndrome and counsel them through their genetic testing options, the testing process, and the test results. They also help to manage these patients and provide management recommendations based on their results.

Day:             Every Monday


Times:          1 - 5 pm


Location:    Clinical Cancer Center
                      1801 West Taylor, Suite 1E 
                      Chicago, IL 60612 

Phone:       312-355-1625


Director:      Kent Hoskins, MD

Counselors: Lara Balay, MS, PhD
Tara Maga, MS