May 15, 2017

UIC Anesthesiology Department was well represented at Society of Obstetric Anesthesia and Perinatology Annual Meeting.

Residents, Dr. Corrie Burke, Dr. Brittany Bond, Dr. Erin Haggerty and Dr. Jarna Shah all presented challenging cases.
From Our faculty, Drs. Galvan, Kim and Nixon also presented their work.

List of Presentations:

Workshop –  Heather C. Nixon, “Becoming a Successful OB Anesthesiology Leader”
Moderator of the “Getting involved in your National Organizations”

Panel  –   Heather C. Nixon,  Moderator of the “#Getting Social” session

Scientific Research:  

Morell, E., Haisain-Wynia, R. , Grobman, W., Wong, C., Lange, E., Nixon, H.C.,
Toledo, P.,  “Health Literacy, Racial/Ethnicity, and Knowledge of Labor Neuraxial Analgesia”

Medically Challenging Cases:

Burke, C.,  Nixon, H.C.   Can DIC occur withouth Cardiopulmonary Collapse in AFE?    A Case of an Atypical Presentation.
Haggerty, E.,  Nixon, H.C.   The Unique Challenge of Caring for an Obstetric Patient with Factitious Disorder: What Do You DO When You Don’t Believe Your Patient?

Galvan, J., Bond, B., Chauvet Almazan, V.D., Nixon, H.C.   Intrapartum MRI?  Coordinating Care on the Fly

Kim, E.  Management of a Parturient with Congential Heart Disease and Left Transposition of the Great Arteries with Symptomatic SVT presenting for Ablation

Shah, J., Waldinger, R.,  Galvan, J.   Low-Dose Spinal with Epidural Volume Extension (EVE) for Very Advanced Maternal Age Parturient with Significant Medical Comorbidities


Dr. Haggerty was awarded a “Top Case Report” Certificate for the conference.
Dr. Heather Nixon was honored with the Society of Obstetric Anesthesia and Perinatology “Teacher of the Year” award for her work in education.