UI Urology cares for a wide range of general urological conditions in women and men via medical/surgical treatments.  These include infections/inflammatory disorders in the kidney, ureter, prostate and bladder; cancers of the kidney, prostate, and bladder; kidney stones; incontinence; impotence; vasectomy/sterilization; non-cancerous urologic tumors and lesions; and other urological disorders.

Under the direction of Daniel Garvey, M.D., a board-certified urologist, we provide the full range of treatments, including minimally invasive options, education, and physical therapy.  Our goal is to see patients in a timely and efficient manner, managing any condition or case that comes our way, diagnosing it, and referring it as necessary to any of our team of urological subspecialists.

We pride ourselves on effectively and efficiently handling and diagnosing conditions, offering a range of less-invasive treatments as appropriate, and managing cases over time to maximize patient outcomes.

Daniel Garvey MD, Assistant Professor, Director of Urology Residency Program