Current Residents (2019-2020)


Mandana Behbahani, MD

Year: PGY-7
Undergraduate College: Arizona State University
Medical School: University of Arizona College of Medicine

Nauman S. Chaudhry

Nauman S. Chaudhry, MD

Year: PGY-7
Undergraduate College: University of Miami
Medical School: University of Miami Miller School of Medicine


Amanda Kwasnicki, MD

Amanda Kwasnicki, MD

Year: PGY-6
Undergraduate College: Stoney Brook University
Medical School: New York Medical College

Laura Stone McGuire, MD

Laura Stone McGuire, MD

Year: PGY-6
Undergraduate College: University of Georgia
Medical School: University of Miami


Zayed Almadidy, MD

Year: PGY-4
Undergraduate College: Winthrop University
Medical School: Medical University of South Carolina

Peter Theiss, MD

Year: PGY-4
Undergraduate College: Dartmouth College
Medical School: Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons


Richard Bram

Richard Bram, MD

Year: PGY-3
Undergraduate College: Johns Hopkins University
Medical School: Stony Brook University School of Medicine

Morteza Sadeh

Morteza Sadeh, MD, PhD

Year: PGY-3
Undergraduate College: York University-Toronto
Medical School: Chicago Medical School


Sophia Peng, MD

Year: PGY-2
Undergraduate College: University of Michigan
Medical School: Albany Medical College

John Souter, MD

Year: PGY-2
Undergraduate College: University of Notre Dame
Medical School: Loyola University Chicago, Stritch School of Medicine


Charles Pierce, MD

Year: PGY-1
Undergraduate College:
Medical School: