Degenerative Spine Conditions

What are Degenerative Spine Conditions?

Degenerative spine conditions are characterized by the gradual breakdown of supporting structures in the spine, and with it, loss of essential nerve and/or physical function. These conditions are typically the result of aging, tumors, infections, or arthritis. There are common scenarios that cause and contribute to degeneration in the spine, including:

  • Slipped or herniated discs
  • Spinal stenosis, or narrowing of the spinal canal
  • Osteoarthritis, or breakdown of the cartilage at the spinal joints

The Spine Care and Surgery department at the University of Illinois Chicago specializes in treating rare and complex conditions and injuries. We have a diverse team of industry-leading surgeons with the experience needed to treat and manage severe spine injuries. Being a tertiary referral center we specialize in revision surgery and we often successfully treat the patients who are told “nothing else could be done” for them. You can trust that our team will provide you with the best possible results.

What are the Symptoms of Degenerative Spine Conditions?

In general, symptoms of a degenerating spine include:

  • Spinal deformity
  • Limited motion
  • Pain
    • Sharp or chronic
  • Nerve injuries
    • Weakness
    • Sensory loss
    • Bladder and bowel function problems
    • Sexual dysfunction

How are Degenerative Spine Conditions Diagnosed?

Diagnosis of degenerative spine conditions begins with an X-ray study of the backbones. At the University of Illinois Chicago, we use a range of diagnostic tools to better understand your condition. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is used to determine the health of the discs and nerves, while Computed tomography (CT) may be used to build a more complete picture.

How are Degenerative Spine Conditions Treated?

Treatment of a degenerating spine depends on the type and severity of the condition. The industry-leading team of spine surgeons at the University of Illinois Chicago will provide the highly specialized care needed to relieve pain caused by spinal conditions, and help restore natural function.

The type of surgery you require is highly dependant on the condition you are currently suffering from. In the majority of cases, the primary objective is to relieve pressure on discs and nerves, remove bone that is impinging on nerves, or inflaming nearby tissue.

Degenerative Spine Condition Treatment at the University of Illinois Chicago

For more information regarding degenerative spinal conditions, care, and surgery, speak with a representative from our team by calling our offices or schedule a consultation online today!