The department was the first one in Illinois to offer a Regional Anesthesia fellowship. Busy clinical practices at the University hospital, where approximately 1,000 peripheral nerve blocks per year are performed, and at the Jesse Brown VA Hospital, with about 700 blocks per year, provide a rich and diverse regional anesthesia experience for our residents. Our graduates have annually greatly exceeded the minimum number of procedures required by the ACGME. Residents become proficient in both ultrasound-guided and peripheral nerve stimulator-guided techniques, aided by skilled faculty who consider regional anesthesia their area of interest and expertise. They also learn continuous catheter insertion techniques for such operations as total knee arthroplasty and open shoulder repairs. Among the techniques the resident will be frequently exposed to are the interscalene and supraclavicular brachial plexus approaches, lumbar plexus blockade, the various approaches to the sciatic nerve, and continuous interscalene and femoral nerve blocks with an indwelling catheter.

At the University, the resident is a key member of the regional anesthesia team for an entire rotation, performing nerve blocks under the guidance of the fellow and attending faculty. This is an intense, focused opportunity for the resident to master techniques and perform a large number and variety of blocks. During this busy rotation, residents also receive formal and informal lectures on all things related to regional anesthesia and local anesthetics. They also have access to an anatomy and regional anesthesia software program that allows them to simulate various block techniques. Dedicated regional anesthesia faculty at the University of Illinois at Chicago and VA hospitals are:

Rahul Guha, MD
Guy Weinberg, MD
Felix Angelov, MD
Chris Chiang, MD
Phil Espaldon MD
Gretchen Fox, MD
Nadia Hussain, MD
Khalid Malik, MD
Syed Raza, MD
Tim Vadeboncouer, MD
Gina Votta-Velis, MD.