Critical Care Medicine

Our residents are immersed in the ICU experience in several arenas. Our aim is to have our residents experience a variety of patient pathologies while preparing them for acquiring knowledge for anesthesia practice, critical care medicine, and future exams. We are committed to following ACGME standards to assure that our residents have involvement in the care of critically-ill patients.

Our residents start during their intern year on the Medical ICU service where they are part of a multi-disciplinary team that rounds on some of the sickest patients in the hospital. Further experience is gained in the CA-1 year with rotations in the Surgical ICU, where the resident experiences taking care of a wide range of post-surgical patients and related complications. To complement our experience with cardiac anesthesiology at Loyola University Medical Center, our senior residents spend one month in the Cardiothoracic ICU taking care of post-surgical cardiac, thoracic, and vascular patients. Overall, they gain knowledge and skills in medicine, surgery, professional acumen, system-based learning, and team dynamics.

Patient care involves pathologies in sepsis, acute respiratory failure, COVID-19 illness, acute kidney injury, liver failure, vasculopathies, opportunistic infections in immunocompromised, oncology, leukemia, sickle cell disease, stroke, post-kidney transplant, post-liver transplant, post-LVAD, post-heart transplant, post-lung transplant, and ECMO.

Residents work with other residents from Medicine, Surgery, and Emergency Medicine. They also work with other attendings from other specialties such as Pulmonary, Surgery, and other off-site anesthesia departments. There is future consideration for a rotation in Neuroscience ICU to complement our experience in neuroanesthesia.

Our intensivists are board certified and fellowship trained from institutions such as University of Chicago, Northwestern University, and University of California San Francisco.

Critical Care Attendings

Hokuto Nishioka
Associate Professor, Division Director, Critical Care Medicine

Sabine Kreilinger
Assistant Professor