University of Illinois Regional Anesthesia Fellowship

Fellowship Director: Rahul Guha, MD  [email protected]

Department of Anesthesiology (MC 515)
College of Medicine Suite 3200 West
1740 West Taylor Street
Chicago, Illinois  60612-7239

Telephone: 312.996.4020
Fax: 312.996.4019


Chiang, Christopher, MD
Guha, Rahul, MD
Voronov, Polina, MD

Duration of Fellowship: 1 year

Application Deadline: July 31st of the previous academic year
Number of Fellows: One (1)
Annual Salary: PGY-5 base plus call incentives


University of Illinois at Chicago offers a 12-month ACGME-accredited fellowship in Regional Anesthesia.  The fellowship offers extensive experience in performing regional anesthesia techniques and managing patients who undergo regional procedures.  Multiple faculty with diverse experiences offer a high level of clinical training.  Our department consists of supportive and engaged colleagues who seek to maximize the fellows’ professional growth during their year of training with us.


Fellows will rotate through Regional Anesthesia, Acute Pain Service, and Chronic Pain rotations during their fellowship.  They will perform a high volume of blocks, which include a wide variety single-shot blocks (such as supraclavicular, interscalene, femoral, popliteal), neuraxial procedures (including combined spinal-epidurals, thoracic epidurals), and continuous nerve catheters.  We seek to incorporate newer techniques into our service, such as erector spinae and IPACK blocks.  Fellows also manage patients with epidural and peripheral nerve catheters as part of the Acute Pain Service.  As the year progresses, fellows gain increasing independence and the shift focuses more towards supervision of residents and trainees.  As an ACGME-accredited fellowship, we follow guidelines for training as stated on the ACGME website.

There is a strong scholarly focus at our program with fellowship participation in journal clubs, case conference, and grand rounds.  Active participation and presentation in national meetings, such as those put on by the American Society of Regional Anesthesia (ASRA), is facilitated by faculty members.

Fellows may choose to spend time moonlighting as an attending in the Main OR supervising residents and CRNAs for general anesthesiology cases.  This experience, for fellows who choose it, aids in growth as a physician in a supportive environment.


At the completion of our program, graduating fellows will be able to:

  • Master a wide range of regional procedures, including continuous nerve blocks and epidural catheters
  • Manage an Acute Pain Service, which includes rounding and optimizing management of patients with epidural and peripheral nerve catheters
  • Demonstrate excellent skills in patient safety and communication to manage a Regional Anesthesia service to perform procedures safely and efficiently
  • Practice evidence-based medicine to integrate new concepts and technologies into practice of Regional Anesthesia
  • Practice in a multi-disciplinary setting and work with other anesthesiologists, surgeons, nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists, other medical professionals, operating room managers, and hospital administrators.

How to Apply

Please send the following information to Anitra Harvey at [email protected]

Common Fellowship Application
Personal Statement
Updated CV
Three letters of recommendation to be sent directly from the letter writers.  One letter should be from the Residency Program Director.
In-training exam scores
Copy of Medical School diploma and transcript
Copy of USMLE transcripts
Copy of Medical School Dean’s Letter

Any questions may be directed to the Fellowship Director, Dr. Rahul Guha, at [email protected]