Neurovascular And Neuro-Critical Care Research Laboratories

//////Neurovascular And Neuro-Critical Care Research Laboratories
Neurovascular And Neuro-Critical Care Research Laboratories2017-07-28T09:43:41+00:00

Paisansathan Laboratory

Chanannait Paisansathan, M.D. (Associate Professor, Anesthesiology) is fellowship trained in Neurosurgical, Pediatric and Cardiac anesthesiology. She is the Director of Medical Education for medical students rotating through Anesthesiology. Dr. Paisansathan has helped to develop a novel mouse model of subarachanoid hemorrhage (SAH) in order to study the effects of neuro-inflammation and vascular dysfunction on SAH-associated brain injury.
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Feinstein Laboratory

Doug Feinstein, Ph.D. (Professor, Anesthesiology; Bioengineering; Cell Biology and Anatomy; Biopharmaceutical Science) studies novel approaches to reduce damage and inflammation in neurodegenerative diseases. Studies include analysis of disease progression in mouse models of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and multiple sclerosis (MS), in vitro studies using primary cultures of neurons and glial cells from wild type and transgenic mice, and analysis of the molecular events involved. Dr. Feinstein is involved in the design of early stage clinical trials for MS and AD.  Lastly, investigations on the effect of volatile anesthetics on neuro-inflammation are in progress.
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