Medical Student Overview

The Department of Anesthesiology at UIC offers a variety of electives for medical students.  Students can select electives in Anesthesiology, Pain Medicine and Obstetrical Anesthesia.  Medical students are considered active member of the anesthesia team and participate in all aspects of patient care.  Students have weekly didactic and simulation sessions with various attendings in our department.  Visiting Students are welcome to rotate within our department pending the Universities approval. Currently, due to COVID, we are not allowing any visiting students.

MS-III Self Designed Elective in Clinical Anesthesiology

Third year medical students can design a two-week elective in general anesthesiology to gain exposure to our field.  The M3 student will learn the basics of anesthesiology such as pharmacology, physiology, and anesthesia equipment management.  Medical students are treated as an important member of the team.  Dr. Hokuto Nishioka is the Director of the Clerkship.

  • Learning Objectives and Knowledge Goals
  • Sample week schedule/Didactics-Simulation schedule

Fourth Year Medical Student Clerkships:

We offer three MS-IV Electives in Anesthesiology:

ELEC 601:             Anesthesiology – UI Health/JBVA

The fourth year medical student rotation in General anesthesia is designed to give students a more in-depth experience within our department.  Medical students are vital members of the anesthesia team and help with all aspects of patient care.  Medical students are expected to read about their patients and compose detailed anesthetic plans.  They contact their residents to discuss the patient so they are prepared for the next day’s cases.  They help the residents set up the room at 6AM, attend lecture at 6:30AM, evaluate the patient at 7AM, and in the OR at 7:30AM.  They assist with induction of anesthesia and manage all aspects of the patient’s care (intubation, intravenous access, management of comorbidities, and emergence).

Medical students are continuously taught in the operating room and have daily didactic sessions, simulations on common anesthetic complications, and journal clubs.  These sessions are taught by various members of our department.  Students leave the rotation with a solid understanding of the scope of our work, basic anesthetic pharmacology and physiology.  Students complete a written exam at the end of the rotation.

ELEC 832              Acute & Chronic Pain Management – UI Health

The MS4 elective in Pain Medicine is a four-week rotation where students are exposed to all aspects of pain medicine, including interventional pain procedures.  Students are integrated into the team from day one and work closely with residents, fellows, and attendings.  Our pain clinic is highly interventional but offer comprehensive pain services.  Students will develop their history taking skills, master the musculoskeletal physical exam, learn how to read spine/joint MRIs/CT scans/Xrays, and compile multidisciplinary pain management plans.  The contact person for the rotation is Dr. Rani Chovatiya.

ELEC                       Self-Designed for Obstetrical Anesthesia

ELEC                       Self-Designed for Regional Anesthesia:

ELEC                       Self-Designed for Pediatric Anesthesia: