ACGME Program Requirements & Case Log Entry

The most current ACGME Program & Case Log Requirements are located at the following link (see pages 19-22):


The ACGME requires direct data entry into its site.  The following is the ACGME Case Log LOGIN link:


In addition, at this site, a Resident Minimums Report can be generated from the ACGME Case Log “Reports Menu”.  This report keeps track of how many cases have been counted and are still required from real-time ACGME data.  (See sample link here )

It is strongly recommended that you log your cases as soon as they are completed.  It is easy to forget the details of a case when log entries are delayed.  At many of the off-site locations, there is no remote access to records and making copies of records is illegal and in violation of HIPAA policies.  At UIH, you can log your case at the “point of care” computer before you finalize the case.  You can also generate your case information from Cerner to facilitate your data entry. (See this link for instructions.)


Please remember to log all of your cases/procedures, regardless of your location and whether you have completed the minimums.  Future employers will ask for your official numbers from ACGME and you want them to be complete.

If you have any questions regarding the ACGME Case Log system, please contact:


Peggy Wheeler, MD

Photos by Sebastian Ruehlmann, M.D.