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Application to the Medical Scientist Training Program requires:


1) Application to the UIC College of Medicine through AMCAS


UIC College of Medicine Admissions Office

Important Note Concerning the COM Behavioral and Social Science Pre-requisite

Most MSTP applicants are from outside Illinois and complete their undergraduate education without attention to the somewhat unusual Behavioral and Social Science pre-requisite of the UIC College of Medicine. A special version of this pre-requisite, approved specifically for MSTP students, is stated below. Pre-medical education across the country generally meets this broadened description. Behavioral & Social Sciences (BESS), Humanities—Three Courses. Recommended courses include: behavior psychology, sociology, anthropology, foreign language and other courses that encourage a greater appreciation for diversity and cultural competency. As writing skills are important in the study and practice of medicine, MD/PhD candidates are encouraged to fulfill the requirement with courses that include a writing component.

2) Completion of the MSTP's own application form, emailed to

MSTP Application Form (Updated 7/1/13)

In addition to this form, please email a PDF of your AMCAS form.

Criteria for admission to the Program include academic excellence, prior research experience, potential for independent and creative research, and commitment to a career in academic medicine. Laboratory work concentrating in biology, chemistry, physics, biophysics, bioengineering, or behavioral sciences is helpful in preparing for study in the Medical Scientist Training Program. The admissions policy is flexible enough to accommodate those students who have already identified the field in which they wish to carry out research as well as those who are still undecided about their areas of research specialization. Admission to the Medical Scientist Training Program is open to U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

Your MD-PhD application will be reviewed by the MSTP's own admissions committe, separately and concurrently with your medical-only application by the COM's Admissions office. Your MSTP status will not hinder your application to the College of Medicine. The MCAT examination is accepted in lieu of the GRE examination. Application to the Program is normally made at the time of application to the College of Medicine. However, candidates will also be considered from UIC COM students in their first two years of medical training.

Admission to the MSTP requires admission by the College of Medicine Admissions Committees. Information about admission to the College of Medicine may be obtained from the Office of Medical College Admissions (telephone: 312-996-5635).


COM-AMCAS: November 15 (extended to November 30 for MD/PhD applicants)

Medical Scientist Training Program: We process and review applications in the order received and have rolling admissions. Although we will accept application to the MSTP through December 31, we encourage submission by November 30 to insure a through review and chance for an interview invitation.

Interview Dates for 2013 - 2014:

November 4, 2013

December 3, 2013

January 13, 2014

February 10, 2014

February 24 or March 3, 2014

All applicants to the MSTP are viable candidates until we complete the seating of our new class. The steps in our review process are the following:
1. Preliminary read by office staff and one or two faculty members.
2. Review by entire admissions committee at monthly meeting. Ranking of reviewed applications. Interview invitations issued in order of rankings, as space is available.
3. Review by entire admissions committee of candidates interviewed. Ranking. Offers tendered gradually, in order of rankings. All interviewed candidates remain on wait list.
4. As early offers are declined, more offers are tendered.
5. Accepted candidates who accept their offers are invited for a second visit.
6. We continue making offers until we fill our class (eight slots). Sometimes offers are made relatively late because a slot opens up.
Because the whole process is constantly in flux, we do not post statuses on a web data base. But all candidates are welcome to phone our office at any time and talk to the Assistant Director in person. We welcome your calls.