During the PGY-2 year, residents spend one month with our pediatric adolescent medicine specialists. During this rotation, residents learn to evaluate and manage issues unique to our adolescent population with emphasis on confidentiality and ethical issues. Experiences include time at the juvenile detention center, job core, and time at Stroger working with transgender and HIV positive patients. The rotation is culminated with a resident-led conference on a case-based topic of their choice.

Developmental Pediatrics:

During the developmental pediatrics rotation in the PGY-2 year, residents spend one month focusing on children’s normal developmental progression and the issues that arise during each stage of development.

Community Pediatrics:

Interns spend one month on our community pediatrics rotation. During this block, they have the opportunity to work with specialists within the community, including social workers and specialists from the Department of Children and Family Services, who help our patients cope with many of their life stressors. Residents gain an appreciation for how much of an impact these external influences can have on their patients’ ability to access health care services.

Continuity Clinic:

Each resident has the opportunity to follow his or her own panel of patients over the 3 years of pediatric training at UIC. Residents provide all of the primary care services to their patients, including preventative wellchild care, immunizations, and follow-up for chronic pediatric problems such as asthma and obesity. The resident’s educational experience is enriched by participation in our weekly clinic conference, where the focus is on issues common to outpatient general pediatrics.

Acute Care Clinic:

Residents spend several months rotating through the pediatric acute care clinic at the Outpatient Care Center. They manage a busy panel of patients with our academic general pediatricians and learn to assess and evaluate issues in an outpatient urgent care setting.