Dr. Ali Kord was presented with the prestigious 2020-2021 RSNA Roentgen Resident Research Award this year. This is a competitive award which only a few residents across North America received in 2020. Recipients have shown exemplary activities related to radiologic research, and are on course for receiving research grants from RSNA and other sources.

“Ali is truly deserving of the award, and has been a pleasure to have in our residency” said Dr. Andrew Lipnik, Program Director of Interventional Radiology (IR) Residency Program at UIC. In addition to being an excellent clinical resident, Ali has been uniquely academically productive during his residency training at UIC. Highlights of Ali’s academic output include publishing over 68 manuscripts, 18 abstracts, 1 book chapter, and 27 posters. Additionally, Ali recently reached a milestone of his papers being cited over 1000 times.

UIC’s Interventional Radiology (IR) Residency program is one of the highly sought after programs in the country. The Division of IR consists of 6 full-time IR faculty who are committed to excellence in patient care, medical student and resident education, and clinical/translational IR research. Our goal is to train astute clinicians who are confident and capable in their ability to compassionately and respectfully manage patients before and after procedures, in addition to technical excellence; Provide the educational framework to graduate residents who are adaptable, versatile, and skilled, able to master new procedures and adopt new technologies after formal training has ended and to create a culture of lifelong learning and scholastic proficiency. To find more information about our IR residency program, please visit our website https://radiology.uic.edu/about-our-program/