The CardioNerds Cardiology Case Reports series shines light on the hidden curriculum of medical storytelling. CardioNerds (Amit Goyal & Karan Desai) join University of Illinois at Chicago cardiology fellows (Brody Slostad, Kavin Arasar, and Mary Rodriguez-Ziccardi) for a cup of tea from atop Hancock Tower! They discuss an illuminating case of altered mental status & electrical instability due to digitalis poisoning. Program director Dr. Alex Auseon and associate program director Dr. Mayank Kansal provide the E-CPR and a message for applicants. Episode notes were developed by Johns Hopkins internal medicine resident Tommy Das with mentorship from University of Maryland cardiology fellow Karan Desai.

The episode link: Includes the episode audio, teaching notes, educational graphics, case media, links to your twitter accounts, a link to the program, and more!  

Congratulations for producing an absolutely phenomenal episode!