Faculty Author Featured Article in February 2020 APSF Newsletter

Dr. Guy Weinberg and Dr. Marina Gitman, along with their collaborators are the authors of Local Anesthetic Systemic Toxicity (LAST) Revisited: A Paradigm in Evolution,” the featured article of the February 2020 edition of the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation Journal.  Click here for link to article:

Guy Weinberg, MD

Marina Gitman, MD

Marina Gitman, MD

UIC Anesthesiology Recognized at the 2019 COM Research Forum

The following members of UIC Anesthesiology received recognition at the 2019 COM Research Forum for their poster presentations:

Graduate, MD-PhD, and other combined degree students Category

Honorable Mention:  Raj Patel (Anesthesiology)


Research Assistant Professors and Scientific Staff Category

Honorable Mention:  Zhenlong Chen (Anesthesiology)

Honorable Mention:  Sophie Tran (Anesthesiology)