The results are finally in and we are ready to celebrate our Seniors who successfully matched to their desired practice options and fellowship programs across the nation.


Andrew Black, MD
Regional Fellowship
Univ. of Colorado – Denver

Arrthy Gnanendran, DO
Pain Fellowship

John Merriman, MD
Pain Fellowship
Cleveland Clinic, OH

Shadi Messiah, MD
Regional Fellowship
Univ. of Florida – Gainesville

Matthew Moynihan, DO
Pain Fellowship

Lisa Nguyen, DO
Pain Fellowship
Univ. of Michigan

Stephen Riutta, MD
Pain Fellowship
Albert Einstein Montefiore, NY

Anthony Spina, MD
Private Practice

Matthew Strope, DO
Peds Fellowship
Univ. of Cincinnati, OH

Jaison Udani, MD
Regional Fellowship
Tampa General, FL

James Yu, DO
Pain Fellowship
Cornell, NY

Ayden Zarkhah, MD
Cardiac/ICU Fellowship
Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison