UIC Anesthesiology is celebrating one of our own, Chanannait Paisansathan, MD, MHA.

Chanannait Paisansathan, MD, MHA

On Labor Day, Dr. Paisansathan was just leaving lunch when she came across a crowd near the Art Institute of Chicago.  She noticed there was a woman on the ground who was blue.  She immediately started CPR as the emergency response ambulance was on the way and was able to recruit a bystander to help with the resuscitation efforts.  Upon arrival of the ambulance, EMS assumed care of the patient and took her to the hospital for further treatment.  The patient responded to treatment and was able to leave the hospital.  In the meantime, the family sought to identify and locate their “Mystery Hero” to express their appreciation.  A local news agency was able to facilitate the reunion.

For the complete interview highlighting the emotional reunion, check out the following link:


Dr. Paisansathan has been a part of our UIC Anesthesiology Family since she started her anesthesiology training.  She completed internship, residency and three fellowships (Neuroanesthesiology, Pediatric Anesthesiology and Cardiac Anesthesiology).  She continued to serve in leadership positions as senior faculty, Section Chief for Neuroanesthesiology and Chair of several Department Committees.  Currently, Dr. Paisansathan has moved on to serve as Chair of Anesthesiology at Advocate Aurora Masonic Medical Center, but she remains connected to her family at UIC Anesthesiology.