We are accepting applications for an 8-week summer research training program which will be offered at UIC from June 26 to August 18th. The UIC T35 Short-Term Research Training Program (STRTP) will support research training for medical students in National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) mission areas for eight weeks during the summer between years one and two of medical school.

The application period opened on November 1 and will close on January 31.  Information about the program and application process is available at https://chicago.medicine.uic.edu/departments/academic-departments/medicine/nephrology/research/t35-short-term-research-training-program/

Ten positions will be available for Summer 2023. During the 8 weeks of the program, students will be expected to work a full time schedule (40 hours a week) with the objective of completing and presenting a research project, developed alongside their mentor. STRTP trainees will also participate collectively in weekly activities which will include lectures, journal club, and work in progress sessions. Students will receive a summer stipend as dictated by the NIH of approximately $4,300.  Interested students should reach out to a mentor on the T35 mentor roster provided on the website. Application process is described on the website.  For additional information, students can reach out to Natalie Meza at nmeza1@uic.edu