To check the availability and scheduling of equipment please contact Julian Lugo, jplugo@uic.edu, 312-996-1412.

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Lumify by Phillips

Lumify works with your compatible smart device, giving you an incredible ultrasound system on top of the device’s full functionality. Just download the app via the Google Play Store, connect the USB ultrasound transducer, and start scanning. The S4-1 broadband sector array transducer, and L12-4 linear array transducer are not simulators and are used with SP’s and or students.

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S-Series S-ICU Ultrasound System by SonoSite

This ultrasound system allows participants to use sonography, with different imaging modes including 2D, M-Mode, CPD, color, and PW Doppler. Participants can use the image for calculations, diagnoses, and gathering data for future treatment decisions.

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L25X/13-6 MHz Transducer by SonoSite

This transducer can be used for arterial, lung, musculoskeletal, nerve, ophthalmic, superficial, and venous sonography. It is used in conjunction with our S-Series machine, shown above. The scan depth is 6 cm, and the bandwidth 13-6 MHz.

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NanoMaxx by Sonosite

The SonoSite NanoMaxx ultrasound system is a smaller, more compact version of the more powerful S-Series. It still has high resolution with full-color flow mapping, with touch screen interface, spash-resistant properties, and sophisticated one-button control. It weighs 6 lbs.

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Venue 50 Ultrasound with Pinpoint GT by GE

This ultrasound system features  Pinpoint GT technology, which offers a greater accuracy when procedures involve needle guidance. This technology also allows the probe and preset to be selected in one step, using tablet navigation. It features a faster power-up, and seamless control panel for easy disinfection.

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