How Faculty and Staff can reserve a College of Medicine  Room

Priorities for room use are as follows:  the regular classes of the College; functions of the Office of the Dean, including committee and staff meetings; functions of other departments in the College; meetings of student organizations; student study space; functions of other colleges of the University; outside use.

This page is not for you. Please see the student study room information at

Departments – Faculty and Staff:

Please use the COM forms on
– these forms are not available off campus
– all COM faculty and staff can log in using their netid and ACCC password

Your request must include, among other information, the following event details:

  1. Event title
  2. Name of sponsoring department/unit
  3. Event coordinator’s name & phone number
  4. Estimated number of attendees

You can view current room availability – at the top right on the linked page Choose Calendar: “COM Chicago Schedule” and note that requests are attended to in order of submission. This does not show if a room has already been requested but not yet scheduled.

Our most popular rooms for reservation are:

College of Medicine Research Building

The entire building is served by UIC Wireless. For more information on using campus wireless, please see

Moss Auditorium – room 1020

  • The auditorium seats 150 – it is reserved for large group courses and plenaries
  • It has significant AV capabilities, including
    — Laser projector and projection screen
    — Built in Mac, PC, Overhead visualizer
    — ability to connect your own laptop
    — 1 wireless “clip on” and 3 wireless hand-held, and ability to add wired “stand” microphones

The Lobby outside the auditorium is also available for reservation

Conference Rooms

  • small rooms seat 10-12 people and have one conference table
  • large rooms seat 25-50 people and have multiple conference tables, some of which are on wheels and moveable.
  • each small room has an LCD panel to which you can connect your own laptop and a projection screen for use with a portable projector you can bring.
  • each large room has a projector to which you can connect your own laptop and projection screen in them.

Small Rooms

1119, 3075,  4075 ,  5075 ,  6075 ,  7075 ,  8075

Large Rooms

2175 ,  3175,  4175 ,  5175 ,  6175 ,  7175 ,  8175

College of Medicine West

106 – Large  Auditorium, seats 174 people, UIC Wireless, full AV capabilities.

Also 119-A, 119-B, Faculty, Student and Alumni Lounge, and Kitchen – these are specialty rooms with UIC Wireless and fairly restricted access.

College of Medicine East

Room 367  – medium-sized seminar room with UIC Wireless and multimedia podium

It has significant AV capabilities, including
— dual projectors and projection screens
— Built in PC, and Overhead visualizer
— ability to connect to video conference
— ability to connect your own laptop

Seats 40.