The College shall establish a Board of Directors of MSP.

The Board of Directors shall be constituted in the following manner.:

  • All Clinical Department Heads.
  • An elected member representative from each of the clinical departments who is not the department head. The department representative must be a voting member of MSP and is to be selected by a plurality vote of the Departmental Full members and Associate Members for a term of two years.
  • The Dean,
  • The MSP Executive Director and others as named by the Dean. Each shall be ex-officio members without vote
  • Current MSP Board of Directors members ( Listing available from MSP office)

The Physician Group Practice (UIPG) is governed by a Board of Directors and has the following standing committees:

  1. MSP Executive Committee: The MSP Executive Committee is comprised of 6 appointed clinical department heads (CDHs)who serve as advisory council to the Dean of the UIC College of Medicine who is also the Head of the Physician Group Practice (UIPG). The current members of the MSP executive committee include:
    1. Anand Kumar , Head of Psychiatry
    2. Patricia Finn, Head of Medicine
    3. Enrico Benedetti, Head of Surgery
    4. Fred Behm, Head of Pathology
    5. Fady Charbel, Head of Neurosurgery
    6. David Schwartz, Head of Anesthesiology
  2. Compliance
  3. Managed Care
  4. Malpractice Action Review Committee
  5. Business Development:
  6. Strategic Planning
  7. Quality

The membership of the MSP committees consists of clinical department heads and faculty-at -large representatives.