Clinical Services Footprint

The UIPG is committed to providing quality patient care to the communities we serve

Commitment to expansion*.

  1. UI Hospital and Clinics: Inpatient /Outpatient/ Emergency Department Volumes
  2. Ambulatory Off-site Clinics:
    1. UI Health at University Village (MAC/ Family Medicine)
    2. UI Health at Pilsen
    3. UI Health at Gage Park/West Elsdon * Anticipated opening Jan 2022
  3. Little Company of Mary
    1. Emergency Department
    2. Neurology
    3. Neurosurgery
    4. Surgery Subspecialities
  4. UIPG Provider Based Clinics
    1. Millennium Park (Optho)
    2. 900 Michigan (Urology)
    3. South Loop Clinic (Medicine)