The UIC Cytogenetics Laboratory is a full service facility that offers chromosome analysis  for prenatal and post natal genetic anomalies, reproductive failure and hematologic cancer diagnosis.  Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) analysis, including assays for a broad panel of hematologic probes and  HER2 amplification (see figure) in breast cancer is also offered.  Array comparative hybridization analysis (see figure) is performed on postnatal blood specimens and product of conceptions.  The Cytogenetics Laboratory services the University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System and the University of Illinois Reference Laboratory.

Left: Display of array comparative genomic hybridization data for chromosome 18 from a newborn with dysmorphic facial features and a cystic hygroma, demonstrating a deletion of the short arm of chromosome 18

Below: A pair of chromosomes 18 from the same newborn with the normal chromosome on the left and a ring chromosome on the right, illustrating that the deletion was caused by formation of a ring.


Valerie Lindgren, PhD, FACMG
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Andrew Miner, BS, CLSp(CG)
Phone: 312-355-3620

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