One of the most prestigious hematology journals in the world, Lancet Haematology, recently published featured Dr. Bishesh Sharma Poudyal from the Civil Service Hospital of Kathmandu (Nepal). Dr. Poudyal is the person I have had the privilege to work with since 2012 to build the first Blood & Marrow Transplant (BMT) Program in Nepal. He has been the most resilient and enthusiastic colleague I have been working with. His work in a public hospital makes the transplant cost $10,000-15,000 vs 150,000-300,000 in the US. This for a salary of $400/mo.

The results of our collaboration impact the lives of many patients in Nepal, have allowed him to start the first training program (fellowship) in hematology in the country, have produced scientific publications.  Nepal has become a more developed country in hematology thanks to Dr. Poudyal and our collaboration. I can’t see any higher goal for any of us working in global health.

Damiano Rondelli, MD
Michael Reese Professor of Hematology
Chief, Division of Hematology/Oncology
Director, Blood & Marrow Transplant, Department of Medicine 
Director for Global Partnerships, UIC Center for Global Health, COM

Read this feature on Dr. Poudyal HERE