Exciting News In Clinical Research Billing


As you know, the conduct of clinical research has become an increasingly complex and bureaucratic process requiring investigators to negotiate a veritable maze of regulations. A considerable part of this involves billing as it requires coordination and sharing of information amongst many folks across the enterprise. Recognizing this, we developed a Clinical Research Billing Committee that includes representatives from across the research realm to improve our processes for clinical research billing.

One exciting accomplishment is the automation of the subject registration process. Currently, this process requires emailing and attaching forms to Patient Access to both register the study and then link subjects to the study. Beginning very shortly, investigators and coordinators will be able to utilize Midas to register their study and link patients; access their assigned FIN; and run reports for both completed and non-completed study FIN requests.

Our test phase is going well and we expect to roll-out this new Midas subject registration process department by department very shortly. Until we contact you, it would be helpful for departments to know what studies are currently enrolling along with investigator/coordinator contact names.


More to come very shortly!